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Artificial intelligence in BMW Group Production

Artificial intelligence is on the rise in automotive production. Since 2018, the BMW Group has been using various AI applications in series production. One focus is automated image recognition: In these processes, artificial intelligence evaluates component images in ongoing production and compares them in milliseconds to hundreds of other images of the same sequence. This way, the AI application determines deviations from the standard in real time and checks, for instance, whether all required parts have been mounted and whether they are mounted in the right place.

The innovative technology is fast, reliable and, most importantly, easy to use. Christian Patron, Head of Innovation, Digitalization and Data Analytics at BMW Group Production: “Artificial intelligence offers great potential. It helps us maintain our high quality standards and at the same time relieves our people of repetitive tasks.”

At the BMW Group, flexible, cost-effective, AI-based applications are gradually replacing permanently installed camera portals. The implementation is rather simple. A mobile standard camera is all that is needed to take the relevant pictures in production. The AI solution can be set up quickly too: Employees take pictures of the component from different angles and mark potential deviations on the images. This way, they create an image database in order to build a so-called neural network, which can later evaluate the images without human intervention. Employees do not have to write code; the algorithm does that virtually on its own. At the training stage, which may mean overnight, a high-performance server calculates the neural network from around 100 images, and the network immediately starts optimizing. After a test run and possibly some adjustments, the reliability reaches 100%. The learning process is completed and the neural network can now determine on its own whether or not a component meets the specifications.

Even moving objects are reliably identified largely independent of factors such as lighting in the production area or the exact camera position. This opens up a wide range of potential applications along the entire automotive process chain, including logistics. In many cases, the AI technology relieves employees of repetitive, monotonous tasks such as checking whether the warning triangle is in the right place in the trunk or whether the windscreen wiper cap has been put on.

In the final inspection area at the BMW Group’s Dingolfing plant, an AI application compares the vehicle order data with a live image of the model designation of the newly produced car. Model designations and other identification plates such as “xDrive” for four-wheel drive vehicles as well as all generally approved combinations are stored in the image database. If the live image and order data don’t correspond, for example if a designation is missing, the final inspection team receives a notification.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
Nieuwe topman BMW komt uit eigen gelederen

Gepubliceerd op 18 jul 2019 om 21:44 | Views: 39

MÜNCHEN (AFN/BLOOMBERG) - Autoconcern BMW heeft een nieuwe topman gevonden. Oliver Zipse, de huidige chef productie, volgt volgende maand Harald Krüger op die onlangs zijn vertrek aankondigde. In mei doken al geruchten op over interne twijfels bij het Duitse bedrijf of Krüger wel de juiste man op de juiste plaats was.

De 53-jarige Krüger staat sinds 2015 aan het roer bij het bedrijf. Hij was bij zijn aantreden in dat jaar de jongste topman van een van de grote automakers. Onder zijn leiding verloor BMW steeds meer terrein op het vlak van luxe auto's aan concurrent Mercedes-Benz van autobouwer Daimler. De moeilijkere marktomstandigheden hebben ook de winsten onder druk gezet.

Opvolger Zipse is 55 jaar en werkt net als Krüger al bijna drie decennia voor BMW. Van hem is bekend dat hij een voorstander is van een productiesysteem dat elektrische en conventionele auto's in dezelfde productielijn kan maken, om de flexibiliteit te vergroten bij onzekere vraag. In tegenstelling tot de meeste topmanagers bij BMW heeft hij ook in het buitenland gestudeerd. In de jaren tachtig volgde hij colleges computerwetenschappen en wiskunde aan de Universiteit van Utah.
The first ever BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

The finishing touches are currently being applied to the first ever BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe as part of its final testing phase. And the new four-door coupe for the premium compact segment has engaged in a spot of self-promotion on its calibration drives around the Munich area. Adding an extra level of intrigue to the eye-catching multi-coloured camouflage of the test cars is a large QR code on the front doors directing curious eyes to Ahead of the 2 Series Gran Coupe’s world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2019, this homepage will keep visitors supplied with bulletins of new information on this extravagant and innovative vehicle concept. The worldwide market launch of the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will get underway in spring 2020.

BMW is bringing the four-door coupe concept that has already enjoyed great success in higher vehicle classes into the premium compact segment. The first ever BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe celebrates its arrival with a fresh dose of individuality, aesthetic appeal and emotional engagement, backed up by innovative control/operation and connectivity tech, excellent everyday usability and exceptional dynamic capability. This show-stealing spin-off from the classical sedan format is underpinned by BMW’s cutting-edge front-wheel-drive architecture and shares an array of technological developments with the recently unveiled new BMW 1 Series. Like its premium-compact stablemate, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe employs groudbreaking chassis technology and innovative control systems to raise the bar in terms of dynamics and agility.

One feature of the new car’s technical armoury is the ARB (near-actuator wheel slip limitation) technology featured in the BMW i3s (electric power consumption combined: 14.6 – 14 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km*). ARB uses a slip controller positioned directly in the engine control unit rather than in the control unit for the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system. Eliminating long signal paths means that information is relayed three times quicker, while the driver perceives wheel slip being brought under control up to ten times faster. This innovative traction control technology teams up with the likewise standard BMW Performance Control (yaw moment distribution) to deliver a direct and intense driving experience with both front-wheel drive and the BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive of the BMW M235i xDrive (fuel consumption combined: 7.1 – 6.7 l/100 km [39.8 – 41.8 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 162 – 153 g/km**). The sporty range-topping model is fitted with the most powerful four-cylinder engine in the BMW Group line-up, producing 225 kW (306 hp). It also comes as standard with the newly developed mechanical Torsen limited-slip differential, which gives the car an even sportier edge by creating a locking effect between the front wheels.

The first ever BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe complements its elegantly sporty and extrovert lines with cutting-edge connectivity and generous levels of spaciousness. It therefore has all the ingredients to fuel the enthusiasm of new, design-led customers in urban areas for BMW’s hallmark driving pleasure. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe has been conceived as a global offering and represents an appealing addition to the model line-up, in particular in markets where the sedan body style enjoys strong popularity.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
BMW Group Spartanburg Plant Doubles Battery Production Capacity

BMW Group Plant Spartanburg in the US state of South Carolina has doubled its capacity for production of high-voltage batteries. The plant’s own battery facility now produces the new fourth-generation batteries. These are intended for the plug-in hybrid models of the new BMW X5 and the future BMW X3, also produced in Spartanburg. The new assembly line will be able to produce different types of fourth-generation batteries to serve the growing range of electrified vehicles locally. These batteries are based on a new technology concept that further enhances their performance.

More than 120 people will be employed in battery production at Plant Spartanburg by the end of the year, having completed a comprehensive training programme to acquire the technological know-how needed for battery production.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
Zware tijden voor autofabrikant Aston Martin

Gepubliceerd op 31 jul 2019 om 08:52 | Views: 0

LONDEN (AFN) - De Britse fabrikant van luxe auto's Aston Martin is in de eerste helft van dit jaar in de rode cijfers gedoken. Het bedrijf kampt met een tegenvallende vraag en zag zich vorige week al genoodzaakt zijn verkoopdoelstellingen voor heel 2019 flink te verlagen.

Aston Martin boekte in het eerste halfjaar een verlies voor belastingen van bijna 79 miljoen pond (86 miljoen euro) Een jaar eerder werd nog een winst van 21 miljoen pond in de boeken gezet. De omzet viel met 4 procent terug naar 407 miljoen pond.

Het aantal verkochte wagens nam wel toe. Aston Martin bracht in de eerste jaarhelft 2442 bolides aan de man, 6 procent meer dan in dezelfde periode vorig jaar. Maar de vraag naar de allerduurste modellen stond juist onder druk, mede als gevolg van onzekere economische omstandigheden.
BMW handhaaft outlook ondanks winstdruk

(ABM FN-Dow Jones) BMW heeft in het tweede kwartaal de winst met krap een derde zien teruglopen, maar houdt wel vast aan de eerder afgegeven outlook. Dit werd donderdag bekendgemaakt door de Duitse autofabrikant.

In het afgelopen kwartaal daalde de nettowinst met 29 procent tot 1,48 miljard euro. De winst voor rentes en belastingen liep met 20 procent terug tot 2,2 miljard euro, ondanks een stijging van de omzet met krap drie procent tot 25,7 miljard euro.

Volgens BMW lag de winst onder druk door kosten gerelateerd aan de ontwikkeling van toekomstige technologieën.

In het automotive segment viel de EBIT-marge terug van 8,6 tot 6,5 procent. Sommige cijfers werden door BMW aangepast in verband met de nieuwe boekhoudkundige regels.

Door: ABM Financial News.
Redactie: +31(0)20 26 28 999

© Copyright ABM Financial News B.V. All rights reserved.
Sssssssllllllluuuuurrrpppppp :-)

All-new Ford 7.3-liter V8 set to drive

Ford F-Series, America’s best-selling truck for 42 years, is once again raising the bar for capability with its all-new 7.3-liter V8 gasoline engine. The 7.3-liter engine in Super Duty pickup cranks out best-in-class gas V8 output of 430 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and best-in-class torque of 475 ft.-lb. at 4,000 rpm.

No other competitor provides such a powerful and advanced gasoline engine in such a broad range of offerings – from Class 2 Super Duty pickups through Class 7 commercial trucks.

Based on decades of commercial engine experience, the 7.3-liter V8 delivers class-leading performance in a compact package. The 7.3-liter V8 features an overhead valve architecture that generates power low in the rev range to help get heavier loads moving sooner and with greater confidence. It also features a variable-displacement oil pump, extra-large main bearings, forged steel crankshaft for durability, and piston cooling jets to help manage temperatures under heavy load.

The all-new 7.3-liter will be available first in Super Duty F-250 and F-350 pickup models. It joins the 6.2-liter V8 gas engine in Super Duty’s lineup, along with the upgraded third-generation 6.7-liter Power Stroke® diesel V8. Additional power and capability numbers, including Super Duty towing and payload ratings as well as power numbers for the upgraded 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel will be announced later this year.

A dyno-certified version of the 7.3-liter V8 producing 350 horsepower at 3,900 rpm and 468 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,900 rpm will be standard on F-450 chassis cab, F-550, the new F-600, F-650 and F-750 Medium Duty trucks, and F-53 and F-59 stripped chassis models. The upgraded E-Series will also feature the 7.3-liter V8. An optional calibration intended to help customers reduce their fuel consumption will also be offered; more information will be made available at a later date.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
GM Reports Income of USD 2.4 billion For Q2

General Motors Co reported solid second-quarter earnings, driven by the performance of North America and significant progress on transformational cost initiatives. Strong North America EBIT-adj. margin of 10.7% was driven by the successful rollout of full-size light-duty pickup trucks.

Second-quarter 2019 results:

EPS-diluted of USD 1.66 and EPS-diluted-adjusted of USD 1.64, includes USD (0.01) from Lyft and PSA revaluations.
Income of USD 2.4 billion, up 1.6% year over year.
Revenue of USD 36.1 billion.
GM North America EBIT-adjusted of USD 3.0 billion.
GM Financial EBT-adjusted of USD 0.5 billion.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
Ferrari H1 2019 Results Confirm 2019 Guidance with Improved Cash Flow

Ferrari NV announced its consolidated preliminary results for the second quarter and six months ended June 30, 2019. Shipments totaled 2,671 units in the second quarter 2019, up 208 units or +8.4% vs. prior year. This achievement was driven by a 12.3% increase in sales of our 8 cylinder models, while the 12 cylinder models decreased by a few units. The performance was mainly led by robust deliveries of the Ferrari Portofino as well as the 812 Superfast. This was partially offset by lower volume from the 488 family, with the 488 GTB and the 488 Spider approaching the end of their lifecycles, partially offset by the 488 Pista ramp up and the first deliveries of the 488 Pista Spider.

EMEA grew 11.4%, Rest of APAC was up 5.8%, while Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were up 63.3% and Americas down 5.5%. Geographic mix shifted in favor of Mainland China as a result of the decision to accelerate client deliveries in advance of the early introduction of new emission regulations as was the case in the first quarter and with lower shipments to the U.S. reflecting the above mentioned model phase in and phase out within the 488 family.

Net revenues for the second quarter 2019 increased to Euro 984 million, up 8.6% at current currency and up 6.8% at constant currency. Revenues in Cars and spare parts (Euro 766 million, +14.4% at current currency or +12.4% at constant currency) were supported by the ramp up of the 488 Pista and the 488 Pista Spider, as well as higher volumes of the Ferrari Portofino and the 812 Superfast, this was partially offset by the prior year shipments of LaFerrari Aperta as well as lower sales of the 488 GTB and the 488 Spider. Revenues growth was also supported by a strong positive contribution from personalization programs along with deliveries of the FXX K EVO. The erosion in Engines revenues (Euro 53 million, -34.8% at current and constant currency reflected lower shipments to Maserati. Sponsorship, commercial and brand revenues (Euro 131 million, +3.6% at current currency or +2.1% at constant currency(1)) slightly increased due to higher revenues generated by Formula 1 racing activities. Currency, including translation and transaction impacts as well as foreign currency hedges, had a positive impact of Euro 17 million (mainly USD).

Source : Strategic Research Institute
Jaguar Land Rover Reports US Sales for July 2019

Jaguar Land Rover reported July 2019 US sales: Land Rover sales were 6,456 units, up 4% from 6,209 in July 2018; Jaguar sales were 2,020 units, a 7% increase from 1,880 units in July 2018. Jaguar Land Rover total July US sales reached 8,476 units, a 5% increase from in July 2018. For the calendar year, Jaguar Land Rover achieved 70,881 units, an increase of five percent vs. 67,655 in 2018.

Mr Joe Eberhardt, President and CEO, Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC said that “We are proud to end the month with an increase in sales across both Jaguar and Land Rover. With the industry experiencing significant headwinds, we remain confident that our award-winning SUV product offering, supported by our dedicated retailer network, will continue this sales momentum.”


Land Rover
For the month of July, the Land Rover brand sold 6,456 units, an increase of four percent compared to 6,209 in July 2018. Land Rover is up 3 percent for the year driven by sales of the Range Rover lineup.

The new Range Rover Evoque is up 38 percent with 876 units sold. The Range Rover Sport continues to be the brand’s sales leader with 1,748 units sold. The Range Rover is up 20 percent with 1,307 units sold.

In the US, the 2019/2020 Land Rover model line-up features six models; two within the Discovery family, and four within the Range Rover Family.

The Land Rover Discovery and Discovery Sport bring new levels of sophistication, desirability, capability and versatility to the Discovery family. With variable five- and seven-passenger seating options in both the compact Discovery Sport and full-size Discovery, this family of vehicles features the latest connectivity technologies, a variety of innovative storage solutions and the same on-/off-road capability Land Rover is best known for.

The 2020 Range Rover Evoque is a sophisticated evolution of the original model that pioneered the luxury compact SUV market. The second generation Range Rover Evoque offers a new 48-volt 296hp mild-hybrid (MHEV) powertrain alongside a 246hp Ingenium four-cylinder gasoline engine. For 20MY, the Range Rover Evoque also offers groundbreaking off-road technologies like the optional segment first ‘ClearSight Ground View’ technology, part of the optional 360 Surround Camera system, and optional ‘ClearSight Rear View Mirror’3,4.

Bringing a new dimension of modernity and elegance to the Range Rover family, the 2019 Range Rover Velar is designed to fill the white space between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport; offering levels of luxury, refinement and all-terrain capability never before seen in the mid-size SUV segment.

For 20MY the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport feature all-new mild-hybrid (MHEV) inline six-cylinder Ingenium gas engine, offered in 355hp and 395hp outputs and new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) P400e powertrain options.

For the month of July, Jaguar sales were 2,020 units. The Jaguar F-PACE continued to lead the brand’s sales performance with 862 units sold. The Jaguar F-TYPE is up 84 percent for the month.

After being named the 2019 World Car of the Year award, and in an unprecedented achievement, winning the World Car Design of the Year and World Green Car titles, the Jaguar I-PACE sold 213 vehicles.

With the addition of the Jaguar E-PACE and the battery electric I-PACE, the New Generation of Jaguar lineup expands to seven models for the first time in the brand’s storied history, while new model derivatives like the Jaguar F-PACE SVR and the XF Sportbrake Prestige diversify the portfolio offering customers greater choice.

For 2019 the Jaguar ‘PACE’ family of SUVs and crossovers has expanded since the debut of the F-PACE, the brand’s best-selling model. Last year, Jaguar introduced the E-PACE compact crossover, as well as the brand’s first-ever all-electric production car – the I-PACE, mid-size performance SUV.

In addition to the ‘PACE’ family of SUVs and crossovers, the Jaguar brand includes the F-TYPE sports car, the XE compact sport sedan, XF premium mid-size sedan, XF Sportbrake mid-size wagon and the brand’s luxury flagship – the full-size Jaguar XJ. Each model delivers segment leading driving dynamics, timeless design and the latest connected technologies.

For added peace of mind, every new Jaguar vehicle comes with Jaguar EliteCare, a Best-in-Class ownership package1. This warranty is further expanded for Jaguar I-PACE customers covering the electric battery for 8-years / 100,000 miles and a 70 percent state of health2. Jaguar EliteCare coverage includes a New Vehicle Limited Warranty, Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance and 24/7 Roadside Assistance, each for 5-years or 60,000 miles, as well as Jaguar InControl® Remote & Protect™ connected services for 5-years and unlimited mileage.

Jaguar Land Rover announced in 2017 that from 2020 all new, or significantly updated, models will incorporate some form of electrification either optional or as standard. The company will introduce a portfolio of electrified products across its model range in the coming years; embracing fully electric plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles as well as continuing to offer ultra-clean gasoline and diesel engines.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
De Jonkheer
Niet beleggen in autoproducenten-aandelen nu! Teveel risico's op terugvallende vraag, kosten transitie investeringen naar EV's en diesel nasleep. Ik beleg in autobanden :) en aanverwanten. Continental, Michelin en Valeo. De koersen zijn hard gevallen maar de ondernemingen geven forse dividend percentages (3,5% a 5%) en zijn meer recessie bestendig; een versleten autoband of onderdeel moet toch vervangen worden.
Bosch is paving the way for 3D displays in vehicles

Bigger, more visually attractive, and with more and more features, digital displays are becoming a key feature of vehicle cockpits. Neither drivers nor passengers want to be without the display and control features they now enjoy on devices such as smartphones and televisions. But there is more to it than that: in the cockpits of the future, digital displays will play a key role in the interaction between drivers and their vehicles. With its new 3D display products, Bosch is responding to this trend. The products use passive 3D technology to generate a realistic three-dimensional effect that allows visual information to be grasped faster than when displayed on conventional screens.

3D displays are the latest trend for vehicle cockpits. On the movie screen, a 3D effect serves primarily to enhance a film’s entertainment value. But in a vehicle, it’s a different case.

When parking, moreover, the rear-view camera image is more realistic, allowing obstacles to be detected earlier. And drivers can get an even better idea of how much space they have left between the rear fender and, say, a parking garage wall. When navigating street canyons, this 3D effect also plays a decisive role, as the spatial depth of the map display makes it immediately clear which building marks the next turn. For its new display, Bosch makes use of a passive 3D technology, which works completely without additional features such as eye tracking or 3D glasses.

The eyes are responsible for 90 percent of all human sensory perception. Simply showing information on a car display instrument is old hat. The future is all about interaction between users and displays. And Bosch is ready for this. Its portfolio includes applications of all kinds – from small and flat to large and curved, and sometimes in unusual shapes such as round or with trimmed corners. On top of this, interaction can take the form of voice or touch control – the latter also with haptic feedback. “Bosch is developing infotainment to suit any customer,” Berns says. And especially when the drivers of the future let their autopilot do the driving, the human-machine interface (HMI) will be crucially significant for the interaction between the car and its driver.

As displays grow in size, become more multi-purpose and intelligent, and feature voice and touch control, more and more computing power is needed. This could mean many more control units. Even now, as many as 15 back-end processing units control the display and operating systems. Bosch uses just one cockpit computer to coordinate the entire HMI, and delegates all control functions to one central control unit. “We are putting intelligence into the cockpit,” Berns says. Fewer control units also means less weight, and vehicle development times are also reduced. Thanks to over-the-air updates, moreover, the infotainment system can be kept up to date just as simply as a smartphone.

Vehicle displays are subject to rigorous safety standards. Especially when it comes to temperature fluctuations and vibrations, these standards are far higher than for consumer electronics. For example, car displays have to work perfectly whether the temperature is minus 40 or plus 120 degrees Celsius, and this over the vehicle’s entire service life. Even in the event of partial failure, drivers have to be able to rely on a minimum amount of vital information at all times. Bosch operating systems are tested thoroughly to make them fit for vehicle use.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
de Auto-industrie versus Trump :

President Trump wil dat de autofabrikanten niet toegeven aan de strengere milieu-eisen van de staat California. In plaats daarvan zouden ze auto's veiliger moeten maken. Trump noemt de CEO's van de autofabrikanten zwak : .
Ferrari krikt verwachtingen voor 2019 op

Gepubliceerd op 4 nov 2019 om 13:27 | Views: 325

MARANELLO (AFN) - De beroemde Italiaanse sportwagenfabrikant Ferrari heeft zijn winstverwachting voor heel 2019 naar boven bijgesteld. Ook over de omzet is de beursgenoteerde onderneming positiever gestemd dan voorheen.

Het bedrijf rekent nu op een operationeel resultaat van bijna 1,3 miljard euro, terwijl eerder hooguit 1,25 miljard euro werd voorspeld. Voor de jaaromzet werd de verwachting opgeschroefd naar 3,7 miljard euro. Hier werd eerder op meer dan 3,5 miljard euro gerekend.

In het derde kwartaal klom de omzet met ruim 9 procent tot 915 miljoen euro en nam het bedrijfsresultaat met 11,5 procent toe naar 311 miljoen euro. Ferrari leverde in de afgelopen periode 2474 bolides af bij klanten. Dat is ruim 9 procent meer dan een jaar eerder. Het bedrijf sprak van een "solide" kwartaal op alle punten.

Op de beurs van Milaan zat het aandeel Ferrari flink in de lift, na het cijferbericht. De koers ging 4,6 procent omhoog.
Omzet BMW stijgt vermoedelijk

73,07 1,47 2,05 % Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (Xetra)
73,00 1,60 2,24 % Gruppo Borsa Italiana

(ABM FN) BMW zal in het derde kwartaal een hogere omzet boeken. Dit bleek uit de consensus samengesteld door FactSet.

De omzet zal volgens de consensus in het derde kwartaal van 24,74 miljard naar 25,42 miljard euro stijgen.

De nettowinst zal ook stijgen van 1,38 miljard naar 1,52 miljard euro, volgens de consensus. Hogere kosten zullen worden goedgemaakt door de lancering van nieuwe modellen, en het zwakke kwartaal van vorig jaar zal gemakkelijk te overtreffen zijn.

Investeerders zullen aandacht hebben voor de vooruitblik van de Duitse automaker naar de rest van het jaar, gezien de sombere vooruitzichten voor de autosector.

BMW opent woensdag de boeken.

Door: ABM Financial News.
Redactie: +32(0)78 486 481

© Copyright ABM Financial News B.V. All rights reserved.
Bugatti Chiron Breaks 300 Mph Barrier

Le Mans winner and Bugatti test driver Mr Andy Wallace reached the top speed of 490.484 km/h or 304.773 mph on August 2, 2019 on the test track at Ehra-Lessien in Lower Saxony in Germany while driving a pre production vehicle of a Bugatti Chiron derivative. The record run was recorded by a sealed GPS box, the certificate was issued by SGS-TÜV Saar. So as of August 2019, Bugatti is the first manufacturer to produce a car that runs faster than 300 mph, at a speed of 304.773 mph.

He worked his way up to the top speed from 300 km/h in 50 km/h increments to make sure all the conditions were right and the Chiron was optimally balanced in terms of lift and downforce. After one lap to condition Andy Wallace accelerated out of the north curve to 200 km/h to reach top speed on the 8.8 kilometer straight. At a precisely defined braking point, he decelerated the Chiron back to 200 km/h to drive through the south bend. He had a distance of two kilometres in which to do so.

For the world record, a team of engineers from various disciplines, under the direction of Bugatti’s Head of Development Stefan Ellrott prepared a pre production vehicle of a Chiron derivative. In addition to aerodynamic improvements the specialists attached great importance to safety. Andy Wallace was held in place by six-point belts and protected by an additional safety cell.

It’s not the first time that Andy Wallace has set a speed record: in 1998, the Brit reached a speed of 391 km/h (243 mph) in at McLaren F1 on the same track, likewise setting a record.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
HELLA Develops High Resolution Digital Light SSL HD

Lighting and electronics expert HELLA is making a further significant contribution to greater safety and comfort in road traffic with the new high resolution lighting system Digital Light SSL HD. With this lighting technology, more than 30,000 pixels can be controlled intelligently and individually, thus bringing about numerous new safety functions like optical lane markings. Furthermore, original equipment manufacturers and end customers can use SSL HD technology to implement and experience further options allowing enhanced individualization, such as coming and leaving home animations as well as communication functions.

The SSL HD lighting technology not only further improves established lighting functions such as adaptive, glare-free high beam, it also enables additional light-based safety functions, for instance in the form of an optical lane assistant. This can, for example, indicate the optimum lane to take when driving past road works and thus provide the driver with additional support in order to achieve safe and stable vehicle guidance. Another possible safety-enhancing functionality is the projection of protection areas for cyclists or pedestrians.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
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