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Ripple - XRP - nieuwe verdienmodellen noodzakelijk voor bancaire sector

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Frederik C.
“This is going to be a record week for Ripple” as a direct result of facebook’s Libra announcement, says CEO Brad Garlinghouse at Fortune's BrainstormFinance – at Gurney's Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa.

"... I will also say I'm gonna send a case of champagne to David Marcus the guy that runs libra, ehm the reason is - this week will probably be the best week of signed contracts at ripple ever. It has been a massive call to action because facebook kind of came out and said we dont need banks or western union anymore, so I think banks realize if facebook is going to be a competitor in this space, they cant depend on technology like swift to compete in the market place..."

Joshua41 schreef op 20 jun 2019 om 14:47:

welke prijs vind je leuk Newbie?

Richting de € 5 op termijn zou leuk zijn ;)
Of het realistisch is / haalbaar is zal blijken. Ideaal zou zijn als er nulletje achter komt (voor de komma) :D
Frederik C.

Frederik C. schreef op 20 jun 2019 om 16:21:

Zal voorlopig gestaag omhoog gaan..'t kan ook snel volgens anderen.
Kan Ripple (XRP) in een paar maanden tijd $7 waard worden?

Gaat toch snel omhoog nu... Prettig!
elio e faso

Frederik C. schreef op 22 jun 2019 om 16:29:

Gaat toch snel omhoog nu... Prettig!

Bij een doorbraak kunnen we bij XRP de hogere regionen bezoeken.
Eerste dag dat ik hier 10% plus zie terwijl de rest het redelijk tot lekker deed.

ETH gekocht vandaag aangezien deze ook doorbraak aan het maken is.
Frederik C.

elio e faso schreef op 22 jun 2019 om 18:58:


Bij een doorbraak kunnen we bij XRP de hogere regionen bezoeken.
Eerste dag dat ik hier 10% plus zie terwijl de rest het redelijk tot lekker deed.

"Even at $0.50, XRP would be considered by many as highly undervalued, due to xRapid now being fully rolled-out by Ripple across the globe. With current all-time highs around $3.50, the HODLers will be looking to see price clear the previous highs considering the great progress Ripple have made since then. All that is for certain for now, is that the $0.50 level sees some welcomed respite from the frustrating past few months within the $0.30-40 range"
Frederik C.
Through blockchain technology and a partnership agreement with Ripple, SendFriend offers a secure, intuitive, and low-fee solution which reduces the cost of remittance payments by 65% from the industry average. SendFriend is led by a smart and experienced team with roots at The World Bank, MIT, MoneyGram, and Harvard Business School and its investors include the MIT Media Lab, Barclays, the Mastercard Foundation, Techstars, and Mahindra Finance. For more information and to sign up for SendFriend, please visit

sendfriend runs on Ripple.

We use the XRapid network, which does use XRP. However, right now you can't send enterprise payments using SendFriend, only personal payments. It's in the roadmap for the future, though
Frederik C.
Ripple fundamentals bullish in aanloop naar Swell 2019
MoneyGram zal naar verluidt gebruik gaan maken van Ripple’s xRapid. Dit product maakt gebruik van het netwerk van Ripple en gebruikt daarnaast het XRP-token om directe liquiditeit te kunnen bieden. Op die manier kunnen internationale transacties vrijwel direct worden afgewikkeld.

Dit voordeel beginnen steeds meer financiële bedrijven in de wereld te zien. Dit is vooral te zien in Azië, waar Ripple met een aantal grote bedrijven uit verschillende landen samenwerkt.

Zo maakt CoinOne, een toonaangevende Zuid-Koreaanse cryptocurrency exchange, gebruik van RippleNet, en zal het naar verluidt ook xCurrent gaan implementeren. Door deze populariteit in Azië heeft Ripple een aantal grote partners uit Japan, China en Thailand.
Frederik C.
XRP, Libra and Visa to Fight It Out for Cross-Border Remittance Crown

At the moment, the competition looks like it is between Ripple and the Libra Foundation. Since the Libra announcement, Ripple has made a few significant strides. First, the company signed a partnership deal with money transfer behemoth MoneyGram.

Alex Holmes, the CEO of MoneyGram, described the collaboration with Ripple as the “perfect partnership.” For Holmes, Ripple has the robust back-end processes that, when combined with MoneyGram’s liquidity, creates more utility for Ripple’s xRapid and the XRP cryptocurrency itself.

Ripple also inked a deal with Coinfirm — a startup company that focuses on regulation technology, as part of efforts to improve the compliance status of XRP. With the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) advising countries to adopt strict AML governance of their respective crypto market, such a step could be advantageous for Ripple and XRP going forward.

Meanwhile, SWIFT is also showing signs of increasing cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. As reported by Cointelegraph, SWIFT has plans to allow DLT-based firms to use its global payment innovation (GPI) platform.

Considering the progress being made, there are a few apparent pathways that the emerging transformation in the digital payment arena could take. For one, Ripple’s multiprong approach of engaging in useful partnerships with banks and payment processes could see complete disintermediation of the global payment transaction matrix.

Rather than having a centralized system for cross-border transactions, different stakeholders in partnership with Ripple will use the xRapid platform and XRP cryptocurrency to create several iterations of money transfer services. However, each of these platforms might need to come up with different incentives to attract a larger customer base.

Another possibility is that SWIFT adopts either XRP or a product of the blockchain software firm R3, or maybe even a hybrid of both, which can be implemented within the GPI infrastructure. Rather than using a basket of stablecoins, XRP becomes the liquidity vehicle for global payment — a bridge currency for international transactions. One of the likely fallouts of such a scenario would be an end to counterpart banking, as banks would have no further need to maintain accounts with their foreign counterparts to facilitate international money transfer.
Frederik C.
How Ripple and XRP can transform the cross-border payments in real
(...)an option better than SWIFT. Rippe could be the one. Let's review the blockchain firm's tech in detail and see how can it revolutionize the world of international remittances.

(...)Even the European Bank Association knows it, as it published in the paper, so it’s just a matter of time before the change happens. On the other hand, they’re always happy to lower costs as much as possible so, in the end, this is an offer that they just can’t refuse.

And when the banks finally embrace cryptocurrencies and blockchains to make their work easier, the chances are that Ripple’s technology will be leading the way along with its cryptocurrency, XRP.

Without many significant changes in the international payments industry, the banking system will be left behind in a market that’s snowballing, and in which the more aggressive competition is already adopting blockchain networks to do the job. Ripple is on the frontline.

Ripple: “We are not replacing Swift”
Ripple and Swift are not competitors, but “can be very complementary”, according to Ripple’s head of global banking Marjan Delatinne.
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