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Acomo in 2021

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Ik kan het artikel niet lezen, maar klinkt positief voor Acomo! Dit soort small caps leven altijd op van dit soort promotie, dus ik voorzie een mooie stijging de komende dagen.
Artikel is inderdaad een positief signaal. Maar ook het artikel vermeldt dat dit aandeel niet gezien wordt door grotere jongens/meisjes. De tijd zal het leren maar dit aandeel is gewoon een stevige groeier.

Eerder is er tot bijna 29€ voor betaald. ik zie niet dat het er nu minder voorstaat.
het premium artikel is voor mij de bron. En er wordt zelfs weer gesproken over een bescheiden dividend over 2021.
Wel erg weinig aandacht voor de nadelen: negatieve valuta effecten, geen containers te krijgen en indien wel tegen skyhigh prijzen, geen dividend, integratie van de overname van Tradin: in de berichtgeving van het bedrijf zelf zijn nogal wat mitsen en maren te vinden....niettemin succes !

Invesco neemt belang in Acomo

Door ABM Financial News op zaterdag 12 juni 2021
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(ABM FN-Dow Jones) Invesco heeft een belang in Amsterdam Commodities genomen. Dit bleek uit een melding in het kader van de Wet op het financieel toezicht, gedateerd op 9 juni 2021.

Invesco meldde een kapitaalbelang van 3,04 procent met eenzelfde stemrecht in Acomo.

Wet op het financieel toezicht

De melding valt onder de Wet melding zeggenschap, die sinds 1 januari 2007 onder de overkoepelende Wet op het financieel toezicht valt. Volgens deze wet moeten aandeelhouders met een belang groter dan 3 procent elke wijziging in hun belang melden bij het overschrijden van de volgende drempelwaarden: 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 en 95 procent. Dit geldt zowel bij het opbouwen als het afbouwen van een belang. heeft een kleiner belang in Intertrust gemeld. Dit bleek uit een melding in het kader van de Wet op het financieel toezicht, gedateerd op 5 juni 2019.
met volle interesse ingestapt met een kleinere positie.
Benieuwd naar de cijfers en terugkeer dividend op termijn.
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"Japans bedrijf neemt kruidenkoning Euroma in Zwolle over" (Neemt vooralsnog een minderheidsbelang)

Euroma bouwt aan Europa’s meest innovatieve fabriek voor kruiden en specerijen.
Zeer rustig in het ACOMO topic....
Ik ben heel erg benieuwd de 22e na sluiting beurs.....
Zou zomaar een aandeel kunnen zijn waar je beter voor die tijd in kan zitten, doch zeker langere termijn.
Maar misschien zit ik mis met mijn visie.... enig feit wat ik kan verzinnen zijn de transportkosten van producten wat op de resultaten kan drukken. Met contractafspraken afnemers is dit natuurlijk niet zomaar door te rekenen.

Petex schreef op 12 juli 2021 12:29:

Zeer rustig in het ACOMO topic....
Ik ben heel erg benieuwd de 22e na sluiting beurs.....
Zou zomaar een aandeel kunnen zijn waar je beter voor die tijd in kan zitten, doch zeker langere termijn.
Maar misschien zit ik mis met mijn visie.... enig feit wat ik kan verzinnen zijn de transportkosten van producten wat op de resultaten kan drukken. Met contractafspraken afnemers is dit natuurlijk niet zomaar door te rekenen.

Ik hoop dat ze ook wat gaan zeggen over de synergie-effecten tussen Acomo en Tradin Group. Kan Acomo extra verkopen aan klanten van Tradin Group en vice versa?

JoopVisser1 schreef op 13 juli 2021 11:59:


Ik hoop dat ze ook wat gaan zeggen over de synergie-effecten tussen Acomo en Tradin Group. Kan Acomo extra verkopen aan klanten van Tradin Group en vice versa?
dat zou een katalysator kunnen zijn ten aanzien van omzet inderdaad....
Ik ben erg benieuwd!
Catz news juni:
We know it sounds like a broken record, but as we are daily faced with the logistic issues even getting worse, we cannot neglect the subject.
Not only did freight rates increase further, especially from Asian ports, but also delays are incredible.
Of course shipments never were as punctual as trains or planes, but nowadays planning is hardly impossible.
When finally shipped with some weeks of delays at absurd rates (to get a container on board) the voyage can take another 3 to 4 weeks longer than the usual transit time.
The most important letter in “ETA” has become the “E” of expected, meaning actually ‘far from sure’.
The crops on the Northern Hemisphere are coming into their final stage and so far no major problems to report, except perhaps for the French prunes, which suffered from late frost.
The crops for from the southern part of the world are in and this year’s most problematic crop will be the prunes from Chile.
The fruits have a too high moisture content due to the rains and can only be dried very difficult, meaning severe delays of the first shipments.
Eyecatcher on the currencies is the Turkish Lira, which weakened another 3 to 4% since end of May.

9 JULY 2021
The crops on the Northern Hemisphere are close to be harvested and meanwhile the start has been made as usual with the Turkish apricots.
Focus of the trade is changing to these new crops, for which the outcome becomes more and more certain while approaching the harvest time.
On the other hand the continuing disruption of the logistic chain triggers the spot trade, as delayed shipments cause an active demand for immediate deliveries.
Many products are hardly available and the premium prices for spot positions support the prices of the first new crop offers.
The freight rates are far from calming down; on the contrary: levels are still increasing and simply said: the highest bidder gets his containers on board.
Another issue are the still increasing COVID-cases especially in Asia, causing a shortage of available workers in production and in the logistic chain.
This obviously does not help to speed up the backlog of orders and resulting in low stocks in Europe.
The dollar firmed lately, making prices in Europe to increase further.

Dried Fruits

The available quantities of the Chinese apples are coming to an end. Prices firming also because raw material must come from the more expensive cold stores.
On top – off course – the freight rates have added a substantial increase in pricing.

The ‘official’ estimation of the Turkish crop has been set at 95K. This seems to be partly a political figure as first time in history it was announced by the Governor of Malatya.
This is about 10K less compared to last season. The carry out will be limited, so it is expected demand will be pushing up the prices, which we see already now.
Unofficial sources expect the crop to be somewhat larger and all sizes well available. Big question will be the official support price from TMO, which so far is unknown.

Banana chips
The banana chips prices remain steady to firm. Partly because of limited supply – also because of restricted production due to COVID-lock downs -, partly because of the insane freight rates.
Shipments continue to be slow and new arrivals hardly touch the importers’ warehouses as sold before arrival. Stocks remain non-to-zero and spot positions sold at premium prices.
Upwards price changes are highly expected as we are heading towards the peak season.

The summer crop of pineapple is coming to an end. In the South the crop is down which forces the factories to buy from the North of Thailand, but transportation costs are higher.
Another issue is the limited production in the canneries, causing a lower supply of the core pineapple.
For papaya farmers partly changed over to other plants as domestic demand has been slow, so supply has decreased.
Prices remain stable, but as the yield will be structurally down, we will see further increases of prices once demand picks up again.

SA is completely sold on pears except for some off-specification qualities. Most of the meanwhile arrived quantities have been allocated, so with another 8 to 9 months to go till the next crop will bring some relief, buyers in need of pears will have a hard time.
Peaches, though limited as well, are stable in pricing, but far more expensive than last season.

Prunes seems to be the headache for the coming period. The disastrous crop in Chile causes serious shortages with shipments still coming in slowly.
The result is an almost empty pipeline in our market. Buyers once strict in sizing and qualities, tend to be much more flexible nowadays as long as they get prunes.
Alternatives from California are available, but Californian exporters also ‘read the newspapers’ and asking higher prices, which makes pricing for the European buyers,
including a 9,6% import duty, not a cheaper substitute. However, there is not much choice.
Also Eastern European sources are now accepted by some buyers, though limited quantities are available.

In about 40-45 days, the new crop harvest will begin and people are focusing mainly on new crop developments.

For current crop price of raw material is stable, however as US$/Lira rate has increased quite a bit in last two months we have seen serious decrease in prices in US dollar in the market.

SA has some left overs in goldens and Thompsons – though limited – and prices remain steady.
California prices on the contrary have firmed as the industry sold well and exporters see no need to discount with the new crop ahead in the coming months.
Iran has lost its market share in Europe in spite of attractive pricing, but complicated import regulations because of the political punishment for Iranian exports, could only
seduce a limited number of buyers.
Chile has only limited quantities of jumbo goldens, but jumbo flames and Thompsons are well available.


First indications of prices for the Californian new crop are around. As expected, prices for 80% light halves are much higher as this type is completely sold out of this year’s crop.
The Californians – not a surprise unsurprisingly expect to get a premium for the first shipments into an empty market. The lower half counts are somewhat more in line with the crop ’20 prices.
In spite of the record crop 2020 it has been reported this crop is over 90% committed already. With booming shipments, the Californian industry is confident, they will move the next – expected to be smaller – crop as well and most probably at higher levels than last year.
Now it is clear the Chilean crop is somewhat disappointing, prices have formed. Off course this also has to do with the unavailability of the light halves from California.
But also the hand cracked walnuts from Chile are close to be sold and last lots changing hand at higher prices.

Eastern Europe sold out on walnuts for this crop. Just some last loads of small pieces are being traded. First predictions about the new crop are expected during August.
Dividend Collector
Ehhh Toddemij, even in een (wal)notendop: wat betekent dit onder de streep voor Acomo? Stijgende prijzen maar leveringsproblemen door transportbeperkingen? Wat gaat de overhand krijgen?
nabeurs cijfers, ben benieuwd.
Tevens benieuwd naar de outlook en inflatie invloed gaat krijgen....
Verder rustig in de handel in dit aandeel op de cijferdag,...
IN H1 2021 (H1 2020: €28.4 MILLION) AND EPS FOR H1 INCREASED
BY +47% TO €0.97 (H1 2020: €0.66)
Today, Acomo (Amsterdam Commodities N.V.), the Euronext Amsterdam-listed natural food ingredients company in spices and
nuts, edible seeds, tea, food ingredients and organic ingredients, reports an increased EBITDA by +88% to €53.4 million for the
first six months of 2021 versus prior year. The newly acquired Tradin Organic accounted for +62% of this increase, whilst
Acomo’s existing business also grew and added +26% to this excellent result
‘We are very pleased with the Group’s performance and the successful integration of Tradin Organic. The first collaborations
between Tradin Organic and the other Acomo Group companies have been promising and constructive’, said Group Managing
Director Allard Goldschmeding. ‘The outstanding performance of our teams in a constantly changing environment in the first six
months of this year is truly impressive. The availability of products was restricted in a number of cases and shipments were delayed
due to the limited availability of both sea containers and shipping capacity. Yet despite these circumstances all segments reported
growth in EBITDA’.
The first six months of 2021 showed good demand for our products. Crops, in general, were good and market price levels of a
number of major product groups increased. However, the first six months were also characterized by a number of uncertainties.
First and foremost, the uncertainty regarding the timing and sequence of the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and, subsequently,
the expected economic recovery. The situation differed around the globe due to the new Delta variant. Especially some of the
countries of origin saw little improvement. In addition, disruptions in the logistic chains due to a worldwide disbalance of sea
container availability caused shipping delays, a shortage of products, and substantial increases in freight costs.
All segments of the Group reported higher profits for the first six months of 2021 (H1 2021). Especially the Spices and Nuts
segment improved the performance substantially. Tradin Organic, which was added to the Acomo Group on 30 December 2020,
performed in line with our expectations and was successfully integrated into the Group structure. The first interactions between
Tradin Organic and the other Group companies were constructive and focused on commercial growth opportunities.
The strong performance in H1 2021 allowed the Group to repay €20 million on the Tradin Organic acquisition term loan, reducing
the amount from the initial €150 million to €130 million as of 30 June 2021.
The weakening of the US dollar versus the euro in H1 2021 compared to H1 2020 resulted in a negative translation impact. At
constant currency rates both sales (+€28.6 million) and net profit (+€1.5 million) would have been higher, including the Tradin
Organic business.
Acomo’s Board of Directors is extremely pleased with the Group’s performance, including the successful integration of Tradin
Dividend Collector
Geen outlook, maar wordt de tweede jaarhelft net zo sterk moet dit aandeel gemakkelijk naar de 30 euro kunnen.
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