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Sopheon januari 2019

Sopheon Releases Solution for Successful Execution of StrategyAccolade 12.2 introduces new levels of transparency, flexibility and governance to connect corporate strategic initiatives with operati...

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Beste wensen

Voor iedereen een - in alle opzichten - een geweldig 2019 toegewenst!

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Sopheon december 2018

Sopheon Named AIM Company of the Year by Shares MagazineCompany leadership, strategic vision and positive performance contribute to honorLONDON – November 19, 2018 – Sopheon, a global leader in ent...

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Sopheon november 2018

2018 Golden Bridge Awards Names Sopheon Gold Winner for Enterprise Management InnovationsThe annual Golden Bridge Awards program encompasses the world’s best in organizational performance, innovati...

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Sopheon oktober 2018

Potential in software small capsThere are also many smaller firms operating in a wide range of niches and geographical regions. Eight of the most intriguing are introduced below and listed below wi...

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Sopheon september 2018

Respect Klaas voor je openhartigheid. Inderdaad, iedereen heeft wel zijn Antonov of GertronicsHad hem zelf met Landis!Hoop je weer vaker hier op het forum te zien; kon je bijdrages altijd erg waard...

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Sopheon juli 2018

Sopheon Corporation – The ‘Gateway’ to Enterprise a digital age driven by the rapid pace of technology change and an increasingly powerful consu...

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Sopheon juni 2018

Sopheon the Only Vendor Included in Strategy Execution Management, Portfolio Management Strategic Roadmapping Research by Leading Analyst FirmsMINNEAPOLIS – June 20, 2018 – Sopheon, a global leade...

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Sopheon april 2018

Accolade GoGet work done “on-the-go” with the intuitive Accolade Go mobile appStay connected when you’re away from your desk. With Accolade Go, the mobile app from Sopheon, you can make decisions a...

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Sopheon februari 2018

Helaas weinig nieuws onder de zon!This Multi-Bagger May have More Bagging to Do as Two Big Customers Roll inBy Malcolm Stacey | Friday 2 February 2018Hello, Share Bunnies. The nearest you get to a ...

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Sopheon december 2017

Laat me graag verrassen maar verwacht eerder rond de 30milj. Progressive Equity Research is nog voorzichtiger:FYE DEC (US$M) 2015 2016 2017E 2018E 2019ERevenue 20.9 23.2 26.0 29.0 32.0A...

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1e Half jaar cijfers 2017 Sopheon

Customers Validate Sopheon’s AccomplishmentsHere at Sopheon we’re seeing some exciting momentum in the market.Just this week we were named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Strategic Portfolio Manag...

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Sopheon juli 2017

Sopheon’s Accolade 11.2 Introduces New Analytics Capabilities to Enable Actionable InsightsSopheon, the international provider of software, expertise, and best practices for Enterprise Innovation M...

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Sopheon juni 2017

Waarom zou je in godsnaam al je klanten/orders vermelden; dat is toch gewoon business as usualHet wordt pas relevant m.i. om de klant te vermelden als die als referentie wil dienen of als de order ...

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PB 8 juni 2017

AGM StatementAt today’s Annual General Meeting of Sopheon, the international provider of software and services that help organizations generate more revenues and profits from new products, the Boar...

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