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Draadje OT, bijzaken & geleuter in de marge!

Chinese scientists have put human brain genes in monkeys—and yes, they may be smarterRaises some ethical questions........????WTactualF twitter.com/annafifield/status/111617...www.technologyreview....

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Wat is de waarde van uniQure?

Hartelijk dank T. Montana!Mooi m.b.t. IP While QURE might have been a great MA candidate a few months ago, the name’s massiverecent move (+106% YTD versus +26% YTD for the XBI) has already priced ...

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Huntington’s Disease

$QURE AAV5-miHTT gene therapy demonstrates sustained huntingtin lowering and functional improvement in Huntington disease mouse models uniqure.com/Spronck%20et%20al.,%202019%20-%20Sustained%20hunti...

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WATERSCHAP - kies bewust

quote:Beperktedijkbewaking schreef op 20 mrt 2019 om 18:03:[...]Uiteraard zit een nieuwe partij als FvD daar nog niet bij.Gelukkig!

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Morphosys-Galapagos, Therapeutic Antibodies

CLINICAL DATA PRESENTED In February 2018, more detailed clinical results from a phase 1 trial with MOR106 in patients with moderate to severe AD were presented at the American Academy of D...

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PubMed UniQure

quote:flosz schreef op 4 feb 2019 om 20:03:Artificial microRNAs targeting C9ORF72 have the potential to reduce accumulation of the intra-nuclear transcripts in ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) a...

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Spark Therapeutics, Inc. (ONCE)

$ONCE announces a new 5-year installment payment plan for #Luxturna at #BIOCEO to pave the way for the next gen of gene therapies, commercial chief Ron Philip says. 50% collected upfront, 25% abou...

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Wells Fargo Gene Tx landscapeAdoptive cell Tx landscapeAdoptive cell x-CD19 landscapeMultiple myeloma landscapetwitter.com/bradloncar/status/1088199...

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Europa, Euro, Brexit, etc.

ind.nl/Documents/IND%20Informatiebrie...British nationals living in the Netherlands will be able to remain here in the event of a no-deal Brexit but will have to apply for a special residence permi...

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Sinterklaas en (zwarte) Piet draad

Want het liefst zien wij dat een ieder elkaar respecteert.....aldus politie R’damtwitter.com/brigadierpoez/status/1070...ZwartePietIsRacisme RacismeIsGeenMeningMaarEenStrafbaarFeit

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