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Draadje OT, bijzaken & geleuter in de marge!

Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage and Gene by Gene.....In 2016, 23andme began selling access to anonymised data to more than 13 drug firms. Genentech reportedly paid $10m (8.3m) to look at the genes of...

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Morphosys-Galapagos, Therapeutic Antibodies

$MOR Announces Intention to Submit Marketing Authorization Application for Tafasitamab to EMA. $MOR Discloses Biomarker to Stratify Patient Population in B-MIND Study of Tafasitamab plus Bendamusti...

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Wat is de waarde van uniQure?

Why biotech companies are often at the whim of things they cannot control, in one chartwww.statnews.com/2019/07/31/why-biote...twitter.com/adamfeuerstein/status/115...

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Huntington’s Disease

Risk and rewardThe main potential advantage of AMT-130 is also its biggest potential drawback. It’s a gene therapy, so a single treatment is expected to be permanent.If everything works out as plan...

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AMT-180 Hemophilia A

Nathwani discussed the current status of the #hemophilia A gene therapy programs. #ISTH2019 twitter.com/profmakris/status/1147997... No mention of Freelines Hem A. Considering his affiliation with ...

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Hemofilie B; nog steeds on track?

Nathwani (UCL/St. Jude, Freeline) showed stable FIX level for 8 years after wild type fix gene therapy in #hemophilia. #ISTH2019https://twitter.com/profmakris/status/1147992232701468672?s=21Nathwa...

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Waar beleggen jullie nog meer in

Gene-Therapy Firm UniQure Explores Options Including SaleUniQure NV is exploring options including a potential sale amid interest from pharmaceutical companies looking to expand in gene therapy, pe...

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Spark Therapeutics, Inc. (ONCE)

FTCs scrutiny of the Roche-Spark acquisition is a big deal, and just might have biopharma lawyers a bit nervous.twitter.com/byjongardner/status/11388...The main supposition is that Roche could kill...

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Inhoudelijk Toledo Draadje

quote:Lama Daila schreef op 8 jun 2019 om 10:21:Gestart op het Light-draadje, maar het zal (hoogstwaarschijnlijk) hier op het Toledo-draadje ook op zijn plaats.Galapagos heeft een nieuw patent gepu...

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Fabry disease

quote:Vitavita schreef op 31 mei 2019 om 00:27:May 30, 2019 04:05 PMKortom, de huidige relationship is onduidelijk.Zie www.iex.nl/Forum/Topic/1309036/1/nieu...

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PubMed UniQure

In-depth characterization of a Mifepristone regulated expression system for AAV5-mediated gene therapy in the liver www.cell.com/molecular-therapy-family...

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Hartfalen en overname InoCard

Bristol-Myers Squibb CollaborationIn 2015, we entered into an agreement with BMS that provides exclusive access to our gene therapy technology platform for multiple targets primarily focused on car...

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Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

$QURE #ASGCT19 APRIL29-MAY2,WASHINGTON,D.C. Therapeutic Rescue of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Mouse Models with AAV9-Exon Specific U1 snRNASpinal Muscular Atrophy results from loss-of-function mutation...

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