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Silver spotkoers op punt van positieve uitbraak.

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We zijn nog niet op de bodem, maar er gloort langzamerhand licht aan het eind van de tunnel, voor Ag zowel als Au natuurlijk. Zie hierbij de weekupdate van een trader die ik volg:

Avi Gilburt, ElliottWaveTrader.net

Are There Any 'New' Catalysts To Cause Gold To Rally?


The Indian election was the latest non-bullish event.
Know the difference between a corrective pattern and a bullish pattern.
Upcoming week's expectations.

Zilver boven goud...

Why We Are Now Selling Our Gold Positions For Silver Positions
Hebba Investments, June 1, 2014.


Silver's performance over the last three years has been especially weak, but we believe silver is about to start significantly outperforming gold.

2013 Silver Institute data shows that scrap silver supply has plummeted by more than 60 million ounces; 2014 should see even further drops as the silver price has fallen further.

Primary silver miners didn't produce silver profitably in 2013, and may have challenges in 2014 mining silver profitably; and byproduct silver production may also see a drop.

Analysts and investors are especially bearish on silver and are positioned accordingly; thus positive news may catch the market off-guard, and being long silver is truly a contrarian position.

The annual silver market is very small at under $20 billion, and there is the potential for significant gains if even a moderate amount of money enters the silver market.

Zie verder:
Short squeeze op komst? Goed overzicht m.b.v. grafieken voor de stand van zaken voor Ag.
GGR; Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mogelijke catalysator voor Zilver.

Hebba Investments, www.hebbainvestments.com via Seeking Alpha: Indian Silver Imports Surge In May, But Silver Investors Should Instead Monitor This Possible Catalyst.


* Indian silver demand surged in May to 711 gross tonnes of silver.
* Indian silver demand is strong but it was similarly strong in 2013 and
thus is only keeping a floor under the price of silver.
* The true catalyst for the silver price is Chinese demand which remains
relatively low, but if it rises then we could see silver move up


freek 771
Het is weer zover; een paar banken hebben de zilverprijs in hun voordeel beinvloed d.w.z. opgetuigd. Dus vandaag gaat het down(?)
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