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Al Kipone
Women votes: Hillary vs Trump (2016) 54 - 41 %
2020: Any candidate vs trump: 62 - 30%

Registered voters!
Also amongst non-college educated voters


(er zijn meer vrouwen dan mannen...)

Het gerechtelijk onderzoek komt steeds dichter bij Rudy Giuliani, Trump's onbezoldigde advocaat.

Federal prosecutors weigh new charges that bring Lev Parnas investigation closer to Giuliani

Prosecutors with the US attorney's office for the Southern District of New York are considering whether to charge Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and at least one of his business partners with misleading potential investors for Fraud Guarantee, the Florida-based company that paid Giuliani, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, these people say. Parnas co-founded Fraud Guarantee with the idea of providing insurance to companies to protect against fraud.

The scrutiny of Fraud Guarantee brings the investigation closer to Giuliani, Trump's vocal defender, and raises questions about what role the former mayor played, if any, in the marketing of the company. A lawyer for Giuliani said his client never had any conversations about investor pitches or marketing with Parnas or his business partner David Correia.
Exclusive photos of Giuliani in Spain show Lev Parnas has lots more to share
Exclusive photos of Giuliani in Spain show Lev Parnas has lots more to share
Federal prosecutors in Manhattan for months have been investigating Giuliani's actions, including his efforts to oust Marie Yovanovitch, then-US ambassador to Ukraine, and push for an investigation into the son of Trump's political rival Joe Biden. Giuliani has not been accused of wrongdoing. Yovanovitch was recalled early from her position in April 2019.

Slaven arbeid

Trump schijnt er geen moeite mee te hebben.

Werkers in de pluimvee industrie, mogen niet naar het toilet gaan.
Of ze dragen incontinentie luiers of ze drinken minimaal

Poultry workers are routinely denied basic needs such as bathroom breaks to the point of being forced to wear diapers while on the line, a new report claims.

The processing plant workers are mocked or ignored by supervisors when they ask to go to the bathroom, says Oxfam America, the U.S. arm of the global organization dedicated to solving poverty and social injustice.

As a result, employees "restrict intake of liquids and fluids to dangerous degrees; they endure pain and discomfort while they worry about their health and job security," the report said. The conditions are particularly trying for women who are menstruating or pregnant, the report added, citing unnamed workers who it interviewed over a period of three years.

Meer dan 2000 ex-DOJ (Departement van justitie) doen, via een open brief, een beroep op AG Barr om op te stappen.

"I didn't take this decision to sign this letter lightly, but the time has come to let the current DOJ employees know we are with them...

[Barr's] no longer enabling the president to destroy the rule of law,

he's now the driving force" -

video 1:38 minuut
Al Kipone
Sen Alexander, TN:

Good news from @SecretarySonny and the @realDonaldTrump Administration—@USDA will invest $9 million in Tennessee to provide and improve high-speed broadband infrastructure projects for 3,744 rural households, 31 businesses and 41 farms.

Sen Collins, ME

Great news! 19 Housing Authorities in Maine have been awarded more than $9.5 million to preserve & modernize affordable housing units that serve individuals with disabilities & low-income individuals and families.

Sen Murkowski, AK

Thank you to @USDOT & @SecElaineChao for allocating a $20M Port Infrastructure Development Program grant to the Port of Alaska to help offset the 1st phase costs of the Port’s desperately-needed modernization program, enabling safe, cost-effective, & reliable Port operations.

T kost een paar centen, maar dan stemmen ze gewoon zoals jij wilt :-)
Al Kipone
Rachel Bitecofer:

As the efforts to derail the census & the leaked GOP strategist's gerrymandering files show- the Republican Party knows they have a massive math problem they locked into when they embraced MAGAism. Now you can learn their long-term plans to deal w it via stacking the courts with Federalist Society jurists w the long-term goal of creating something that could be called "tiered citizenship." When I reviewed Richard Chew's article for @VASocialScience I knew when it made it to print, I would bring it to the attention of my @NiskanenCenter colleagues & also to you. BC this is the long-term strategic plans that drive the short-term, seemingly random & disjointed actions of state & national Republicans right now. And it is why non-Rs can no longer afford to chuckle and dismiss efforts to strategize as a thing they simply do not do:
the stakes are far too high to accept that Democrats are biologically destined to remain disorganized & incompetent at electioneering. This is today's MUST Read
President Trump verkort de gevangenisstraf voor Blagojevich, die een Senaatsbenoeming probeerde te verkopen voor geld of gunsten,

en Trump gaf een presidentieel pardon aan Bernard Kerik, die zijn gevangenisstraf al heeft uitgezeten voor belastingfraude en liegen tegen de Overheid.

bron : .
Ook Presidentieel Pardon voor Milken, die een centrale rol speelde in de financiele schandalen in de jaren 1980 : .
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