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zee1973 schreef op 23 december 2019 15:56:

Aurora insider verkoopt zelf wel lekker op tijd 1 miljoen aandelen voordat de boel instort:

Aurora gaat zakken onder de 1.
CEO van $KO over Cannabis

3 grote aandachtspunten mbt investeren in deze sector waarvan de belangrijkste Legalisering in de US is.
[quote alias=ageoff id=12019426 date=201912231640]
tijd om te kopen dan!

De 1 zegt acb gaat onder de 1 en u zegt kopen.
Zou het aandeel dan op korte termijn weer gaan stijgen dan?
Aandeel 123, dat weet niemand natuurlijk. Ik zou wegblijven bij bedrijven die veel aandelen hebben en er blijven uitgeven zoals aurora. Veel dubieuze dingen gebeuren bij de mn canadese bedrijven. US MSO's zijn veiligere keuze mi.

Zelf geloof ik in extractie. Altijd nodig, hogere winstmarge, er is geen oogst dus weinig externe invloeden....

Mijn long geld staat op valens en medipharm. Halo en Tetra bio kan ook.
ik heb ook een stevige positie ondertussn in ACB usa

ik verwacht komende maanden wel een upwaartse trend door nieuwe legalisaties en nieuwe toepassingen op de markt

wat denken jullie?
Pinkies, acb is een Canadees bedrijf. Ik vindt acb gevaarlijk. Veel aandelen en geven er gemakkelijk meer uit. Groeipotentieel lager dan vele andere cannabis bedrijven.
Make Aurora Cannabis Front and Center in Your Pot-folio

This year was a bust for the cannabis sector, but don't unload all of your ACB shares.

zee1973 schreef op 27 december 2019 07:00:

Make Aurora Cannabis Front and Center in Your Pot-folio

This year was a bust for the cannabis sector, but don't unload all of your ACB shares.

Your Pot-folio
This year was a bust for the cannabis sector, but don't unload all of your ACB shares
By David Moadel Dec 26, 2019, 10:30 am EST

There’s no point trying to pretend otherwise: 2019 was a disappointing year for Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) and other marijuana stocks. The first three months were pretty good, but after that it was a painful, relentless downhill ride.
This Latest Correction Does Not Make Aurora Stock Attractive
Source: Shutterstock

Much of the decline was due to the over-advertised Cannabis 2.0 (the legalization of derivative products like edibles, beverages and vaping concentrates), which was priced into the market too quickly. There was no way that Aurora and its ilk could possibly live up to the hype. Thank goodness that the year’s over and done with, but what lies ahead for Aurora and its investors?
The Harshest Price Target Ever?

There are haters, and then there are haters. I’m talking about absolute rancor, which is what it would take for a respected analyst to put his reputation on the line and give a well-known pot stock a price target of zero.

That’s not a misprint. GLJ Research’s Gordon Johnson gave Aurora a “sell” rating, though he’s certainly not the only analyst to do that. Then he proceeded to declare that “ACB’s equity holds no value” and assigned it an unheard-of $0 two-year price target.

That’s an audacious move on Johnson’s part. Is it an attention-getting ploy? Does he have a blood feud with Aurora CEO Terry Booth? We can have fun and speculate on these matters, but there’s a serious problem here. Someone might take Johnson’s prediction too seriously and initiate a massive short position in ACB stock.

I, for one, don’t recommend doing that. I’m not saying that Johnson told anyone to do that, but the possibility of a 2020 cannabis comeback is very real. I tend to believe that a fundamental mistake is being made here. Just because a stock has gone down 50% doesn’t mean that it’s literally going to zero.
Moving Against the Crowd

My greatest investing successes have come from doing the complete opposite of what the majority of investors are doing — and oftentimes ignoring what the analysts are predicting. Year-over-year, Aurora’s net revenues increased by a whopping 153.6% according to the company’s most recent earnings release, but investors and analysts mostly chose to ignore that fact and beat up on Aurora anyway.

But why? It’s simple. The actual quarterly net revenues of 75.2 million CAD somehow weren’t impressive enough, as the analyst consensus estimate was an eye-popping 94.2 million CAD. That estimate would have implied a year-over-year increase of 217.6% — lofty expectations, to say the least.

Aurora’s net cannabis revenues also improved considerably year-over-year with a 187.8% increase. Not only that, but Aurora’s gross margin on net cannabis revenues was predicted to come to 53.2% but actually came in at 58%. Sometimes analysts just get it wrong, and it’s easy for them to blame the company rather than accept responsibility for their predictions.

I also feel that investors don’t fully appreciate the future impact of the SAFE Act, which if passed would end America’s long-standing restrictions on banks seeking to provide financial services to cannabis companies (in states where cannabis is legal). The SAFE Act has already passed the House of Representatives, and if it passes the Senate, the entire cannabis sector should celebrate with higher stock prices — including Aurora Cannabis.
My Takeaway on Aurora Cannabis

This past year didn’t exactly go as planned, but that’s not sufficient reason to discount Aurora’s potential. If someone wants to give the stock a price target of zero, that’s fine with me; I’ll stick to my thesis that the stock will, in time, go from zero to hero.

As of this writing, David Moadel did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.
Aurora Cannabis
Kortom gezegd ACB zijn met u centen gaan lopen en dan zouden ze u nog doen geloven .
0,0 vertrouwen of geloof ik nog daarin , een mirakel zou een wonder zijn !
Als iedereen negatief is is het tijd om te kopen! Aurora gaat in 2020 zeker terug boven de 4usd.

Rider schreef op 27 december 2019 17:58:

Als iedereen negatief is is het tijd om te kopen! Aurora gaat in 2020 zeker terug boven de 4usd.

Dat zal best, maar iedereen is (nog) niet negatief over Aurora.

Aurora heeft nog een beurswaarde van ca 2,6 miljard.
Yes, Aurora Cannabis could fall below $1 in 2020

While it's always possible that Canada corrects its supply issues quicker than anticipated, Aurora looks to be on a slippery slope that could have its share price fall below $1. Note that with close to 1.1 billion shares outstanding, this would still give the company a roughly $1 billion market cap.

Following the recently announced departure of chief corporate officer Cam Battley (Battley was, arguably, Aurora's primary cheerleader), Aurora can now add executive turnover and uncertainty to its growing mix of concerns. In 2020, it certainly wouldn't take much to shave another $1 off the share price of a company that Wall Street doesn't seem to trust at the moment.

But what would be the ultimate culprit that drags Aurora below $1 a share, you wonder? My best guess would be a significant writedown on the value of its goodwill. We witnessed Aphria get roasted after taking a CA$50 million charge on its Latin American asset purchase, albeit there were other concerns surrounding this transaction in the first place. Still, if Aurora was forced to write down even a third of its goodwill, the company's stock could be clobbered.

Another possible reason for a decline below $1 might be financing concerns. Aurora does have $400 million (those are U.S. dollars) in at-the-market financing available, which is a fancy way of saying it could potentially bury shareholders under a sea of new common-stock issuances to bolster its cash position as losses mount.

The point is that the negatives clearly outnumber the positives right now, and Aurora's already beaten-down stock could still head much lower.

Sean Williams has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.
Could Aurora Cannabis Fall Below $1 in 2020?
Down 80% since mid-March, the most popular marijuana stock is now clinging to a $2 share price.
Sean Williams

Dec 27, 2019 at 7:21AM
Author Bio

In just a matter of days, we'll be closing the curtain on 2019, which turned out to be an incredibly good year for the broad-based markets, and an abysmal year for marijuana stock investors.

Everything began well, with cannabis stocks leading the charge throughout the first quarter. But the wheels, and everything else that wasn't welded on, soon fell off the wagon. Persistent supply issues throughout Canada, high tax rates in a number of recreationally legal U.S. states, and a resilient black market have made investing in pot stocks particularly painful in 2019.

For example, the most popular stock on online investing platform Robinhood, Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB), has shed 80% of its value since peaking in mid-March. And note, I don't mean most popular pot stock -- I mean the most-held stock, period, on the entire platform. At just $2 a share, the company probably looks like a bargain to the nearly 10% of Robinhood members who currently own it.

But looks can be deceiving, and while it might sound far-fetched, Aurora Cannabis' stock could fall another 50% in 2020 and potentially dip below $1 a share.
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